You can still enjoy the 2106 Crediton Food and Drink Festival thanks to Yellow Mouse Studios

Design Ideas for New Town Signs and Town Square Weather Protection

Public Meeting Boniface Centre, 7pm – 9pm, Tuesday 25th of October

With the weather becoming more uncertain, and unseasonal weather being a common occurrence, the Town Team has been thinking about how we can offer people using the Square in Crediton some weather protection. We asked three local architects to work up some exciting new designs for Crediton and are seeking the views of the town’s people. These designs were displayed in the Council Chamber for three days in June. There was a whole mix of reactions to these designs from some people who loved them, to others who wanted nothing to be put on the square.

The Town Team feels that it is really important to listen to all the views of those who live and work in Crediton. So we are holding a public meeting on 25th of October, 7pm at the Boniface Centre to provide a second opportunity to see the design ideas for the square and hear from the architects how they came up with these plans. Everyone is welcome to attend.

In addition, the Town Team asked Charlotte Turner, a local community artist who for four years has led the designs for the High Street flags project, to develop ideas for new town entrance road signs. These will be based on all the ideas collected from local people, and especially High Street traders who pitched their thoughts on what should be highlighted to visitors as they drive into the town.
The design ideas for weather proofing in the square, and the concepts for the road signs will both be on display at this evening meeting at the Boniface Centre. The architects, Nick Scott and Dave Treadaway, will be explaining their designs. Charlotte Turner will also be on hand to discuss the road sign concepts.

All of the designs are concepts, not finished proposals, and as such are very much ‘work in progress’, so people are warmly invited to take part in the process by looking at the designs, talking with the designers and making suggestions.

Please come along and tell us what you think.

Crediton Local Produce

This area contains a wealth of superb local produce and a wide variety of producers – from large farms to small specialists, from year round suppliers to smallholders selling their seasonal surplus. We’ve invited them all onto the Crediton Local Produce website so that you should find something to suit your palate, your purse and your ethos.

So click away to find out what is available and where you can buy it. You’ll be saving on money, food miles, supporting the local economy and eating healthily!

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Crediton Food Festival isn’t just a weekend wonder! We organise other happenings during the year, such as:

Chutneys and Chat, Saturday 10 October 2015

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A splendid afternoon. Making jams and chutneys and quickles (speedy pickles).  Thank you Ruth and cohorts for organising a brilliant event. Lizzie Weyman


I really enjoyed the afternoon, I do hope you do similar again.  Who made the “Cold Apple Crumble Cake”? OK, it wasn’t called that but that is what it was to me, I would love the recipe for that ( Mind you it took me several tries of the others to decide which was the best cake.  I’m still undecided!! If the fermented cabbage works out my son will be delighted.  I must remember to allow it to burp and put it on an old tea towel. This sort of do takes a great deal of planning and loads of help from other people, my thanks to you, your “assistants”, and the sponsors.

Syllabub, Squab Pie and Suet Puddings, 28 March 2014

Devon’s food and drink is perhaps the best and most diverse of all the UK’s counties. A county that includes two moors, great grazing, varied fruit and good fishing grounds, as well as being a base for foreign trade and influences. Its dishes have had a big impact on national and international cuisine. Dr Paul Cleave, Research Fellow at Exeter University, guided everybody through some of that history with tasting demonstrations from The Devon Chef, Tim Harris.

Taste Sensation, Monday 8 July 2013

The first of our extra-festival events went extremely well. Thanks to the 25+ who turned up, tasted and talked. Huge thanks to the expertise and knowledge of the three experts whose light touch left our brains fuller and our tongues tingling. How to taste and how taste is created with Barny Butterfield of Sandford Orchards; Bruce Evans of Grape and Grain; Tom Chadwick of Quickes Traditional. Sampling 3 ciders, 3 wines and 3 cheeses from these local producers, testing taste buds and hearing from them what makes a good taste.